Session catalog

SAP Concur Fusion offers over 150 educational sessions filled with rich content for you to learn and bring back to your company. Browse our session catalog to explore the multitude of educational opportunities offered in a variety of formats and levels and build your personal agenda. The 2019 session catalog is coming soon.

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Speaker Catalog

Hear from a wide array of executives, clients, and partners of SAP Concur. Browse our speaker catalog to learn more about our speakers and see which sessions they will be speaking in. The 2019 speaker catalog is coming soon.

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Session formats


Keynotes are the headline addresses where SAP Concur executives and their guests offer their vision of the future and unveil exciting new announcements and breakthrough innovations.


These sessions are led by a subject matter expert and may include best practices, success stories, and strategic topics, followed by Q&A discussions.

Panel discussions

These sessions bring together a group of people with unique knowledge of an important topic to discuss related issues and ideas in a chat show format, followed by Q&A discussions.

Micro forums

These sessions are optimized for a discussion focused on a particular subject and allow conversation between speakers and audience.


These sessions are optimized for networking and sharing best practices among your peers, with a moderator at each table and a session host to help lead the discussion.

Product trainings

These trainings give an in-depth tutorial of SAP Concur products in a classroom setting, so attendees can follow along with their laptops.

Session levels

Presents essential facts, best practices, and an overview of the product's main features.
Highlights techniques and new product features to maximize value.
Delivers in-depth information on specific aspects of advanced topic areas.
Focuses on intricate product details, integrations, and configurations for SAP Concur super users